Public Health Awards

The following awards are given out annually and presented at the MD Honors and Awards ceremony in May. Medical students who receive these awards have gone above and beyond the requirements of PoD-PH.

Excellence in Public Health Award

This award is given by the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Physician Professional Advisory Committee, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to recognize medical students who are involved in public health issues in their community as well as to increase awareness of the USPHS and its mission to protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of our nation. This award recognizes outstanding students committed to strong work in the field of public health.

  • 2014 – Michael Waters
  • 2016 – James Lehman
  • 2017 – Teresa Caya
  • 2018 – DeMarco Bowen
  • 2019 – Gerardo Rodriguez
  • 2020 – Alice Wei
  • 2021 – David Marshall
  • 2022 – Zach Dunton
  • 2023 – Amber Sheth
  • 2024 – Abigail Boeck

Most Promise in Preventive Medicine

This award is given to a graduating MD student with the most promise in preventive medicine. This student has proven competence in his field experience and Capstone Project and fostered critical connections with our community partners. This student has gone above and beyond to achieve not only his educational goals but also to address population health needs. The School of Medicine and Public Health’s preventive medicine faculty and staff look forward to the future contributions he will make to the goal of people living longer, healthier lives.

  • 2017 – Sarah Brown
  • 2018 – William Burrough
  • 2019 – Lily Thompson
  • 2020 – Kali Kramolis
  • 2021 – Payden White
  • 2022 – Aimee Wattiaux
  • 2023 – Zach Dunton
  • 2024 – Hannah Sherfinski

Jeffrey P. Davis Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Jeffrey P. Davis by his family, friends and colleagues. Dr. Davis was the State Epidemiologist and Chief Medical Officer for Communicable Diseases for the State of Wisconsin for over 40 years. This scholarship will be awarded to a fourth year student pursuing a career combining medicine and public health who demonstrates the attributes of Dr. Davis: a keen intellect, curiosity in medical investigation and a dedication to public health, especially the health of the people of Wisconsin. Preference should be given first to students who are planning to pursue a career specializing in infectious disease/epidemiology, second to students who are planning to pursue a career that combines medicine and public health, and third to students with a demonstrated interest in public health as evidenced by participating in the Path of Distinction and earning a Masters in Public Health.

  • 2018 – DeMarco Bowen
  • 2019 – Zeeshan Yacoob
  • 2020 – Gabriel Stewart
  • 2021 – Quinton Taylor
  • 2022 – Vimal Konduri
  • 2023 – Sarah Lazarus
  • 2024 – Abigail Boeck